Frequently Asked Questions


I have broken or lost my Bod Card, how do I get a replacement?

Visit the College Office or email the College Office to request a replacement. If you have lost your card you need to pay a fee of £10. See for details of how to pay. Your new card will be ready to collect from the College Office one working day after you pay the fee.

How do I get a transcript?

Students who matriculated in or after Michaelmas Term 2007 will be able to get an official transcript from the University. One copy will be sent automatically to your home address. Further information and additional copies can be obtained via the Examination Schools website.

Students who commenced prior to that date will still have to ask the College Office for an unofficial transcript. We can provide a letter stating your attendance dates, course, class of degree and unofficial finals and prelims marks if we have been provided with this information from your department. For further information email the College Office.

If you require a transcript and have not yet completed your course, you can request copies of your on-course transcript via the link:

How do I get a degree certificate?

If you have not yet attended a graduation ceremony and require proof that you are eligible to do so go to for a pre-graduation certificate. The above website will also tell you how to get additional copies of your certificate.

To get a degree certificate you need to attend a graduation ceremony in person or graduate in absentia. For details of how to book for this see Graduation.

How do I prove I am a student?

We can provide a letter stating your course and attendance dates. Please let us know the purpose of the letter and any other information required in the letter, such as your Oxford address. For further information email the College Office.

How do I show I am exempt from council tax?

You need to print off an Enrolment Certificate from the Student Self-Service system, available here and then take it to the College Office for it to be stamped.

How do I open a bank account?

Print off an Enrolment Certificate from the Student Self-Service system and take it to the bank. If the bank requires additional proof of your student status please email the College Office.

How do I get a visa letter?

Email the College Office requesting a visa letter and stating any particular information required by your country.

How do I apply for vacation residence?

Collect a form from outside the College Office or download from the website, get your tutor to sign it and return to the College Office, after you have completed the residency, i.e. if you're applying to stay during Easter you return the form at the start of Trinity Term.

How do I apply for a travel grant?

If you are an undergraduate and your travel is social then there are funds available from various travel grant funds. Check the Sub-Rector's glass fronted notice board in the Lodge for closing dates. Forms are available either from outside the College Office or from this website.

How do I apply for a travel grant for a conference?

This is covered by a College Academic Grant.

What hardship funds am I eligible for?

As an undergraduate, provided you have a Student Loan, your first application should be for the Government Access to Learning Funds and/or University Hardship Funds. After the results of this application are known if you are still in hardship you can apply for College Hardship. If you don't have a Student Loan then you should apply directly for University Hardship followed by College Hardship.

Graduates are expected to have sufficient funds when they arrive in Oxford to complete the course but in the case of unforeseen problems they can apply to the University Student Hardship Fund and/or the College Hardship Fund. Graduates in the process of writing up are also entitled to apply for the Vice Chancellors Fund which is only available once a year and is very competitive.

Forms for all of the above are available here or outside the College Office.

How do I apply for suspension of status?

Undergraduates should talk to their College tutors who will advise them on the best course of action.

Graduates need to fill in a graduate studies form available at The College is always the last signatory on the graduate studies forms and once completed these should be brought to the College Office for signature by the Tutor for Graduates. Allow 2-3 days before the deadline as it may not be possible to get an instant signature.

How do I apply for an extension of time?

As above