Grants for Undergraduate Students

Grants and Prizes for Academic Purposes

College Academic Grants

The college has funds to assist with academic matters, such as travel and accommodation costs incurred while attending conferences and conducting research towards coursework or your thesis.

The college does not normally expect to fund the full cost of any activity, and applicants are normally expected to seek funds from other possible sources as well (e.g. their faculty or department, other University funds, and externally where possible). Application forms must include a statement of support from your college Tutor (in the case of undergraduates) or your thesis/dissertation Supervisor (in the case of graduates).

The maximum amount that can be awarded is £300 in any one year, up to a maximum of £500 during a student’s time at Exeter.  Funds available in any academic year are limited, and no awards can be made after the funds for the academic year have been exhausted.

Click here to download an application form.

Clinical medics (i.e. students reading for the 2nd BM, years 4–6 of the undergraduate medical course) are offered the following College Academic Grants:

  • Grant for books and equipment (including stethoscopes) up to £250 per annum;
  • Academic grants, e.g. for electives, up to a maximum of £500 per annum.

Vacation Study Grants

To be eligible to apply for a Vacation Study Grant, you must be an undergraduate Home or EU student, currently in receipt of government (SLC) or Oxford financial aid (e.g. Oxford Bursary, Crankstart Scholarship (formerly Moritz-Heyman Scholarship)). The funding is limited to students who will be resident in college accommodation and, you must meet one of the criteria set out on the application form, which is available here.

Undergraduate Year Abroad Funding

The college has some limited funds to help undergraduate Modern Languages students who are studying overseas on their compulsory year abroad:

Gili Bursary for Catalan Studies

This Bursary of £500 is available annual for any student undertaking studies or field work linked to the Catalan region of Spain. It is advertised in Trinity Term by the Academic Office.

Denys Dyer Bursary & Chris Wood Scholarship

The Denys Dyer Bursary (£1,000) is available to students preparing to go to Germany on their year abroad to assist with the costs of being overseas, and the Chris Wood Scholarship (£1,000) for students undertaking a year abroad in France. Applications are invited in early Trinity Term, further details will be provided by the Academic Office.

In addition to these college funds, the Modern Languages Faculty is able to provide some support to students on their year abroad in the form of the Year Abroad Grant and the Year Abroad Travel Hardship Fund. More information about these funds and application forms can be found via their WebLearn site.

Prizes for excellent academic work

Excellent academic work is recognised by the University in the award of Distinctions in the First Public Examination, and by First Class Honours in later examinations.

The college recognises excellent academic work in three formal ways:

  • By the award of Collections Prizes to undergraduates for excellent performance in Written Collections;
  • By the award of Prizes at the end of the academic year based on performance over the year;
  • By the award of Scholarships to all undergraduates who have been awarded a First Class or a Distinction in the First Public Examination, or a classified examination before their final year;
  • By the award of Exhibitions to undergraduates who do not hold Scholarships, in recognition of excellent performance in University Examination, or outstanding performance during the preceding academic year;
  • By the award of Fitzgerald Prizes to undergraduates who achieve First Class Honours in the Final Honour School or a First Class or Distinction in the First Public Examination.

More information about academic prizes and awards can be found in the College’s Green Guide.

Grants and Prizes for Non-Academic Purposes

Sports and Arts Grants

A limited amount of funding is available to graduates or undergraduates who wish to undertake a sporting or arts activity.  Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served, basis until the funds are exhausted.  An application form, and eligibility criteria for application, can be found here.

Travel Grants

Undergraduates who wish to travel abroad during the vacation for non-academic purposes may apply for a travel grant (£100-£500). Applicants should note that travel grants funds are limited and extremely popular; not all applications will be successful and those that are may not receive the full amount requested.

Details on how to apply are sent out from the Academic Office by email, in Michaelmas term for travel during the Christmas Vacation, and in Hilary term for travel during the Easter and Long Vacations.

North American Travel Scholarship

The college offers funding to enable a current student (undergraduate or graduate) to travel in North America for at least four weeks during the Long Vacation.  A condition of the funding is that the recipient stays for some of their time with alumni/ae of Exeter and acts as an ambassador for the college.  The funding covers travel costs and a spending allowance up to a total of £2000.  Applicants will be required to demonstrate how they would use the funding, and may have to attend an interview before a selection committee.  This opportunity will be advertised by the Development Office in Hilary term.

Internship Bursaries

A small number of internship bursaries are available to students undertaking internships during the summer vacation. Preference is given to those undertaking unpaid positions or who will have unusually high living costs as a result of the placement. These are currently funded through gifts to the Annual Fund. Details on how to apply are sent out from the Academic Office by email, in Trinity Term.

Language lessons (where not strictly required for a student’s degree)

The college will pay half the cost of courses from the Fast Track pathway within the ‘Languages for All‘ programme that are successfully completed by undergraduates and graduates of the college, on provision of receipts and the Languages for All graduation certificate. You must seek a signature of approval from the Academic Dean at the beginning of the year, prior to commencing the course, and the College will reimburse half the cost at the end of Trinity Term (upon successful completion of the full course of 3 terms).

Prizes for contribution to the non-academic life of the college

The college awards, after the end of each academic year, Quarrell-Read Prizes and a Peter Street Prize to those undergraduates of the college who have just completed the final year of their degree and who are judged to have entered most fully and helpfully into the life of the college.