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Renewable energy and reducing energy use

We procure our energy through the Oxford University energy procurement scheme, thus ensuring that 100% of our electricity is obtained and supplied though renewable sources, with a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin factored in to the agreement.

In 2021, we commissioned a feasibility study to explore decarbonisation options at our Turl Street, Exeter House and Stapledon House sites. The study was completed in August 2021 and the next stage, which commenced in early 2022, will aim to quantify the upgrades necessary to support our transition to a decarbonised mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Improving the environmental performance of our buildings is integrated into every refurbishment project undertaken. The refurbishment of the Turl Street Lodge (completed in spring 2022) includes secondary glazing and improvements in the thermal insulation of the external walls. The refurbishment of the College Library (scheduled for Summer 2022 to September 2023) includes a total overhaul of the lighting and heating infrastructure, including smart desk and building lighting, and Building Management System (BMS) operated roof light windows. A project to improve electricity consumption by replacing existing lighting with integrated corridor, emergency and motion activated fittings in Turl Street and Exeter House sites is nearly completed. A pilot scheme in Wi-Fi monitored, smart thermostatic radiator valves is currently under way in Stapledon House. In 2019 we invested almost £200,000 to refurbish 230 windows across the College’s Turl Street site, significantly improving their insulation properties.