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Sustainability Working Group

In 2019 Exeter College formed a Sustainability Working Group to consider policies and initiatives that could make the College’s operations more sustainable and ultimately help the College reach net zero carbon. The Group is chaired by the Rector and is made up of current Fellows and student representatives, as well as staff such as the College’s Sustainability Coordinator. The Group reports to the College’s Strategy Committee, which in turn reports directly to the College’s Governing Body.

The Group has developed a list of projects that the College is working on to improve the sustainability of its operations. Its emphasis has been on evidence-based practical steps the College can take. The Group has discussed and made suggestions on a variety of ways the College can reduce its environmental impact and contribute towards a sustainable future. The Group meets termly to monitor progress and consider further recommendations. Areas the Group has considered include energy, waste, biodiversity, food, travel and transportation, investments, and carbon offsets.