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AFY Accommodation

Accommodation is guaranteed for three years of your undergraduate course, and we take your preferences into account where possible via the Arrivals & Information survey. Your room allocation will be disclosed to you upon arrival.
Please see the below galleries for examples of what the different room grades look like.

Disclaimer: These images have been made available to allow for the comparison of rooms across grades A – E. They represent only a selected number of different rooms across each grade. They are not representative of all rooms, and individual rooms within each grade will vary. The majority of rooms that will be allocated are grades D and E, so please bear this in mind when reviewing the images below.

Complimentary toiletries and refreshments are not included.


Grade A: Large Study Bedroom with shower & WC

(Images below)


Grade A: Single set with shower & WC

(Images below)


Grade B: Large single set with shared facilities

(Images below)


Grade C: Medium double set with shower and WC

(Images below)

Please note that this type of room has shared facilities with one other person.


Grade C: Medium single set with shared facilities

(Images below)


Grade D/E: Small Study Bedroom with shared facilities

(Images below)

Further Information on Accommodation

Accommodation Tenancy Agreement