Undergraduate accommodation

All first year undergraduates will be assigned rooms in Exeter College on the historic Turl Street site. Freshers are asked about room preferences and assigned a room before they arrive.

Undergraduates who are not in their first year will normally be offered College accommodation either on the Turl Street site, in Exeter College’s new Cohen Quad in fashionable Jericho, or in Stapeldon House in lively East Oxford. There are also four College houses available to groups of students who apply for them as a friendship group. A ballot system is used to determine who has first choice of rooms.

The room ballot system

College accommodation is allocated using a ballot system. The housing ballot takes place in the Dining Hall in Week 7 of Michaelmas Term; it takes place in public and for fairness uses a random ordering process overseen by the JCR President, the Accommodation Manager, and the Junior Dean.

Finalists are not included in the housing ballot. Every other member of the JCR (except the organ scholar) will be assigned a point as follows:

  • One pointers: all first years, except those who will be abroad during their second year
  • Three pointers: all second years (apart from second year Classicists), third year Classicists and third year linguists on their year abroad
  • Two pointers: all others

Three pointers will be positioned above two pointers in the ballot, and two pointers above one pointers.

Living out of College

Some undergraduates may choose to live in private accommodation rather than College accommodation (“live out”) after their first year. Letting agents typically release the housing list in December. Demand for the best properties can be high and it has been known for students determined to secure their first-choice property to queue outside the office of letting agents for hours or even days in order to be at the front of the queue.

All of the College’s central facilities remain available to students who choose to live out, though facilities charges (incorporated into the rental cost for those who live in Exeter College rooms) may be chargeable to those who live out.

Vacation residence forms

Undergraduates who need to be in Oxford for longer than the standard rent period for their room can apply for vacation residence. Application forms are circulated by email on Wednesday of Week 3 and must be completed and returned no later than Wednesday of Week 6. They are also available on this web page from Wednesday of Week 3.

Undergraduates who are granted vacation residence may have to move rooms for the period of their vacation residence. This is because during the vacations some rooms, particularly those on the Turl Street site and at Cohen Quad, are used to host undergraduate admissions candidates attending interviews or are let to conference guests to raise money that subsidises term-time student rents. Where it is not possible to offer vacation residence at Turl Street or Cohen Quad alternative College accommodation will normally be offered in East Oxford on the Iffley Road. Vacation residence outside the standard rent period is charged per day at the daily rate.

Application form for vacation residence – Exeter College main site – PDF

Application form for vacation residence – Exeter College main site – Word document

Application form for vacation residence – Exeter House – PDF

Application form for vacation residence – Exeter House – Word document

Application form for vacation residence – Cohen Quad – PDF

Application form for vacation residence – Cohen Quad – Word document

Graduate accommodation

All first year full-time graduate students are offered accommodation in Exeter House on Iffley Road on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are not guaranteed, so early reservation is recommended.

Full-time graduates in their second or subsequent years are encouraged to live in Exeter House, subject to availability.

The complex is situated approximately 1.4 miles from the College’s main site on Turl Street (less than 10 minutes by bicycle) and is well served by public transport. Click here for more information.

Key Information Sets (KIS)

The Key Information Sets provides information about the cost of board and lodging at Exeter College. To find out more click here.