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Graduate Fees and Costs

Course Fees

All Graduate students are required to pay course fees for the duration of their standard period of fee liability. Please see the University website for further details of course fees.

For students who matriculated in or after September 2011 the college charges a termly Continuation Charge if a student takes longer than the standard period of fee liability to complete their course. The college’s Continuation Charge is currently £137 per term (2022-23 academic year) but may be subject to an annual increase. The University also levies a separate Continuation Charge (£548 per Term in the 2022-23 academic year, half of this for part-time students), reviewed annually, on all graduate research students who started their research programme in or after September 2011 and who have reached the end of their standard period of fee liability.

Sources of funding


Exeter College is pleased to offer a number of scholarships for students wishing to undertake postgraduate study each year. Further details are available on the scholarships web page. Many other Scholarships can also be held at Exeter College unless the terms and conditions specifically say otherwise.

Other sources of funding

The University has a webpage related to other sources of funding including US Federal Loans.

Academic grants

Exeter College is able to offer support to graduate students to meet costs associated with their graduate study such as travelling to conferences, undertaking field work or medical electives, and buying essential equipment. For further details, see our Grants for Graduate Students web page.

Non-academic grants

Exeter offers a range of non-academic grants including sports and arts grants, internship grants, and travel grants for students wishing to explore North America or Asia. For information on non-academic see our Grants for Graduate Students web page.