Students at Exeter College can choose between a range of places to eat, serving a wide selection of fresh, healthy, and affordably priced food throughout the day. Special dietary requirements are taken seriously by the catering staff. Payment is handled simply using the Upay system, which allows students to pay with their University ID cards (known as Bod cards) which can be topped-up in college or online.

This page provides a quick flavour of the catering experience at Exeter College. For more detailed information, please see the catering information page for current students.


Dining Hall at Lunch

Constructed in 1618, Exeter’s traditional Oxford-style dining hall, complete with a portrait of the college’s founder Walter de Stapeldon,  serves cooked lunch and dinner (including a vegetarian option, salad bar and puddings) during the week. During weekends the hall opens for brunch at 11, and then dinner as normal in the evening. Specially adapted meals for students with special dietary requirements, such as allergies, can also be provided.

Undercroft Bar

Located in the historic cellar directly below the hall, the college bar is a cosy venue to eat breakfast and lunch during the week. Students can purchase pasta, filled baguettes (with an extensive choice of fillings) and soup. In the evening the bar, which is equipped with a pool table and a collection of board games, becomes a lively place to socialise at the end of the day.

Dakota Café

Located at the heart of Exeter’s modern Cohen Quad, the Dakota Café serves students a selection of pasta, filled baguettes, panini, soups, snacks and hot drinks.

Formal Hall

Arguably the quintessential Oxford experience, Exeter holds formal halls after the normal dinner sitting every Wednesday and Sunday during term time. These represent a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious three course meal with friends in the main hall. During the course of the year students are also invited to attend subject family dinners, at which they have a formal with other students from their course. There are also celebratory dinners throughout the year to mark events such as Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hanukkah, and Burns Night.


Facilities are also available for those who wish to cook for themselves. There is a student kitchen adjacent to the Junior Common Room on the Turl Street site, while at Cohen Quad each corridor has its own family kitchen, where students from neighbouring rooms can congregate to cook and eat together.

Eating Out

Because of the central location of Exeter College’s sites, students will find that there are plenty of great places to eat out in within a few minutes’ walk from their accommodation. For example, the Turl Street Kitchen, which serves locally sourced food throughout the day, is located directly opposite the college entrance on Turl Street.

Key Information Sets (KIS)

The Key Information Sets provides information about the cost of board and lodging at Exeter College. To find out more click here.

For more information, please the see the catering information page for current students.