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Undergraduate Teaching

The focus for undergraduate teaching at Exeter, and Oxford in general, is the tutorial system. In tutorials students are taught in small groups by some of the leading scholars in their field. Often the tutorial will be centred on the discussion of a topic, or feedback on an essay or problem sheet the student has completed beforehand. For students, weekly discussions with leading scholars create stimulating environment, in which they learn to challenge ideas, analyse arguments, and think critically.

A first year French tutorial


The tutorial system’s small groups provide students with an opportunity to get help on topics they find difficult, and allows tutors get to know their students. In addition to tutorials, students may have classes in larger groups or lab sessions depending on their course. While science students will naturally spend much of their time gaining practical experience in labs or on field trips, the College is still responsible for their teaching.

Exeter has excellent study facilities, including computer rooms, teaching rooms and a 24-hour Library. For first year undergraduates, all of whom live in the Turl Street site, these facilities are highly convenient, as most of their in-College teaching will be just a few minutes’ walk from their rooms. Read more about the study facilities available at Exeter.

Students at Exeter can contribute to the intellectual life of the College outside of tutorials and classes by listening to prominent experts speak at Rector’s Seminars, by attending subject family dinners, or by discussing ideas with fellow students.

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