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Financial support

The University of Oxford offers a generous financial support package. This funding is designed to ensure that all students are able to study at Oxford, regardless of their finances or personal circumstances. Exeter College also has a variety of grants and bursaries which are available to undergraduates who are studying at the college.

University Scholarships and Bursaries

Oxford offers a range of support packages, including travel supplements to help with travel costs when getting to and from the university, and assistance for UK Care Leavers and estranged students. There are also other Oxford bursaries and scholarships. Please visit the Oxford website for more information.

Support for Undergraduates at Exeter College

Exeter has a wide range of support packages for students who study at the college. We strive to be a place where all students, regardless of their background, can study without financial barriers. The table below outlines a number of grants and prizes currently available to undergraduates at Exeter.

Vacation Study Grant 

A grant to support with cost of staying at the College during the Vacation.

Maintenance Subsidy

UK-resident undergraduates from low-income backgrounds will receive seven nights free term-time accommodation per academic year. This is provided in addition to their Vacation Study Grant entitlement and the subsidy is automatically credited.

Financial Support fund

Financial support, usually between £500-£2,000, to assist students experiencing financial difficulties.

Academic Grant

Up to £300 in one year, with a maximum of £500 across programme of study.

Internship Grant

Usually £200-£500 per student per year, to support with internship costs.

Travel Grant

Up to £500, to support non-academic travel during the long vacation.

Sports and Arts Grant

Up to £125  per year.

Fast Track Language Course Grant

50% reimbursement on course costs, upon completion of the course.

Scholarships and Exhibitions

These awards (worth up to £200) are given to undergraduates who do distinguished work during their degree. There are various other annual prizes to reward academic achievement.


International Students

We are pleased to be one of four colleges at which Jardine Scholarships can be held. These are full scholarships for applicants who are normally resident in any of the countries or territories in which Jardine Matheson Group has significant business interests, which include Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.  Applications for these Scholarships need to be made directly to the Jardine Foundation, and details of how to apply are on the Jardine Foundation website.

For all other overseas scholarships, please visit use the Fees, Funding, and Scholarships search tool.

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