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Financial support

The University of Oxford offers a generous financial support package. This funding is designed to ensure that all students are able to study at Oxford, regardless of their finances or personal circumstances. Exeter College also has a variety of grants and bursaries which are available to undergraduates who are studying at the college and which are among the more generous available at Oxford.

University Scholarships and Bursaries

The Crankstart Scholarship and Oxford Bursary offer non-repayable support to UK undergraduates from lower-income households, to assist with living costs at Oxford.

UK students will be automatically assessed for bursary support if they have been means-tested in their application for UK government funding, and will be contacted by the University if they are eligible to receive a bursary (worth up to £5,500 p.a. from academic year 2022/23). Additional support is available in the form of Oxford Travel Supplements, Student Support Fund Bursaries and Care Experienced and Estranged Student Bursaries for UK undergraduates who meet additional eligibility criteria.

Further details can also be found at Oxford bursaries and scholarships | University of Oxford

Please note that all these schemes are available irrespective of college choice.

Crankstart Scholarship, Oxford Bursaries and related support (2020-entry or later)

Full-time UK students who started their course in or after 2020/21 and have a household income of £42,875 or less are eligible to be assessed for a non-repayable Oxford Bursary or Crankstart Scholarship.

The bandings below show the annual bursaries available from Oxford, dependent upon household income before tax. These bursary levels include an uplift of between £300 and £500 from academic year 2022/23, to help with the rising costs of living. The Crankstart Scholarship is available to all UK-resident undergraduates studying for their first degree, but does not extend to PGCE and Graduate Entry Medicine students who, along with any students who decline the Crankstart Scholarship, are eligible to be assessed for an annual Oxford Bursary instead.

  Household income    Annual Oxford Bursary    Annual Crankstart Bursary 
  £5,000 or less   £3,700   £5,500
  £5,001 – £16,000   £3,700   £4,700
  £16,001 – £20,000   £3,500   £4,700
  £20,001 – £22,500   £3,250   £4,700
  £22,501 – £25,000   £3,000   £4,700
  £25,001 – £27,500   £2,500   £4,700
  £27,501 – £30,000   £2,500
  £30,001 – £35,000   £1,900
  £35,001 – £37,500   £1,400
  £37,501 – £40,000   £1,100
  £40,001 – £42,875   £800

Oxford’s mid-range living costs for 9 months were projected to be £13,365 in 22/23 and the maximum maintenance loan for students from England is set at £9,706. Students in receipt of maximum support from Oxford (through Crankstart) and the government will therefore receive £15,206, which is £1,841 above the mid-range living costs (October to June). However, projected living costs for 23/24 are due to be revised substantially due to the rising cost of living and this surplus is therefore likely to reduce.

Additional support

Further funding opportunities are itemised below, available to Oxford Bursary holders and Crankstart Scholars:

  Award name    Description     Amount (per year unless stated)  
  Oxford Travel Supplement   Travel supplement available to those from the UK living more than 80 miles from Oxford   Up to £500
  Care-Experienced and Estranged Student Bursary   Additional support for care-experienced and estranged students depending on their circumstances   Up to £3,000
  Student Support Fund Bursary   Additional support for UK undergraduate students who may require financial assistance in a range of circumstances, ranging from a shortfall in their finances to help meeting additional costs. (Students whose household income falls above the bursary threshold are also eligible to apply.)   Up to £750
  Named Bursary top-up   Donor-funded support for the most disadvantaged Oxford Bursary holders   £500
  Internship Bursary   Additional support for Crankstart scholars undertaking an internship   Up to £2,500 (per course)


The schemes above are all administered by the University’s Student Fees and Funding team. For further information, please contact

Support for Undergraduates at Exeter College

Exeter’s provision of financial support is among the more generous in Oxford, with the college providing a wide range of support packages for its students. We strive to be a place where all students, regardless of their background, can study without financial barriers. The information below outlines a number of grants and prizes currently available to undergraduates at Exeter. For further information please see the Grants for Undergraduate Students web page.

Vacation Study Grant

A grant to support with cost of staying at the College during the Vacation. All undergraduates are eligible for Vacation Study Grants, which typically cover the cost of 14, 21 or 28 days of accommodation during vacation periods, depending on degree programme.

Maintenance Subsidy

UK-resident undergraduates from low-income backgrounds will receive seven nights free term-time accommodation per academic year. This is provided in addition to their Vacation Study Grant entitlement and the subsidy is automatically credited.

Financial Support fund

Financial support, usually between £500-£2,000, to assist students experiencing financial difficulties.

Academic Grant

Up to £300 in one year, with a maximum of £500 across programme of study.

Undergraduate Year Abroad Grants

The college has some limited funds to help some undergraduate Modern Languages students who are studying overseas on their compulsory year abroad. For information about year abroad funding click here.

Internship Grant

Usually £200-£500 per student per year, to support with internship costs.

Travel Grant

Up to £500, to support non-academic travel during the long vacation.

North America, East Asia, and Ashok Ranganathan Travel Grants

These grants enable students to travel for extended periods (typically four weeks or more) in North America or Asia to broaden their experience. For further details of the North America, East Asia, and Ashok Ranganathan Grants click here.

Sports and Arts Grant

Up to £125  per year.

Fast Track Language Course Grant

50% reimbursement on course costs, upon completion of the course.

Scholarships and Exhibitions

These awards (worth up to £200) are given to undergraduates who do distinguished work during their degree. There are various other annual prizes to reward academic achievement or contributions to the non-academic life of the college. To find out more about academic or non-academic prizes click here.

International Students

We are pleased to be one of four colleges at which Jardine Scholarships can be held. These are full scholarships for applicants who are normally resident in any of the countries or territories in which Jardine Matheson Group has significant business interests, which include Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.  Applications for these Scholarships need to be made directly to the Jardine Foundation, and details of how to apply are on the Jardine Foundation website.

For all other overseas scholarships, please visit use the Fees, Funding, and Scholarships search tool.

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