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Exeter Plus Bridging Programme

The Exeter Plus bridging programme aims to support a group of students in the transition from school to University by teaching study skills and providing academic challenges. This helps students acclimatise to the new academic environment and to experiment with new working methods before beginning their degree in earnest.

Students selected to take part are contacted once they receive their offer to study at Exeter College. Enrolment in the bridging programme is not mandatory: students are invited to take part, with accommodation, meals and tuition provided for free, but it is up to each student to decide whether they wish to attend.

Phoebe Mumby took part in Exeter Plus bridging programme in 2020. You can read Phoebe’s report on the experience here.

You can read about the most recent bridging programme, with testimonies from students who took part, here.

You can read about the 2020 bridging programme and the experiences of the students involved here.