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Exeter College Archives has records dating back to the foundation of the College in 1314. The early history of the College can be traced through the Rector’s accounts kept by the head of the College, on parchment rolls until the 16th century, and also the College estates records (deeds and documents relating to land owned by the College). The College was re-founded by William Petre in 1566 and from this date institutional records become more extensive, with information on buildings, appointment and activities of Fellows and Rectors, development of undergraduate teaching and the sports clubs and societies that flourished from the middle of the nineteenth century. Records and, from the late nineteenth century, photographs, of all Exeter College alumni can be found in the archives, including notable figures such as JRR Tolkien and William Morris.

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The College Archives and the Library Special Collections are housed in purpose-built premises at Cohen Quad with controlled environmental storage and a reading room to accommodate researchers.

Enquiries about the Archives can be sent to

Or by post to the Archivist, Exeter College, Oxford, OX1 3DP

Consultation of the Archives is by appointment with the Archivist. All researchers must abide by the Rules for Researchers and complete and sign a Research Registration Form.