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Average number of places available each year at Exeter College: 5.

The Course

The four-year course at Oxford provides training in both theoretical and experimental aspects of Biochemistry. The first year provides the essential background for the rest of the course. The main subjects of the first year are Molecular Cell Biology, Biophysical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, and Organic Chemistry. ‘Prelim’ Examinations are taken at the end of this year. In the second and third years, students work from current research journals to gain detailed up-to-date understanding of all aspects of Biochemistry. Part I Examinations are taken at the end of the third year. In the final year, students choose special options and undertake an extended 18-week research project as part of Part II Examinations. For more details of the Biochemistry course see the Department of Biochemistry and the University Prospectus. The Exeter Biochemistry tutor endeavours to find summer vacation jobs in research laboratories for students in their second year.


The Biochemistry course at Oxford is excellent preparation for a variety of careers. Many graduates go on to take a higher degree in preparation for a career in academic or industrial research. Other popular career choices include finance, patent law, medicine and teaching.

Teaching and Research Staff: