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04th February 2016

Fundraising for the Maddicott Teaching Room Completed

It is with great excitement that we can announce completion of the fundraising for the John Maddicott Teaching Room at Cohen Quad. Between them, just under 30 alumni have made gifts that total slightly over £100,000 – the target set to fund and name the room in honour of Dr Maddicott, Emeritus Fellow in History.
When we shared this achievement with Dr Maddicott he said: “I’m delighted to hear this news and proud of the commitment my former students have made to the College’s future. Their most welcome support will help future generations of Exonians to benefit from first-class teaching in the same warm collegiate environment which we all enjoyed in the past.”
The Maddicott Room at Cohen Quad will be used for tutorial and seminar teaching – for historians and indeed for students in all disciplines. And it is a very fitting way to celebrate one of Exeter’s longest serving Fellows who is so warmly admired and respected by his former pupils.
Dr Maddicott came to Exeter in 1969 having undertaken his first degree and doctorate at Worcester College and served as Official Fellow and Lecturer in Medieval History until he retired in 2006. He has taught more than 200 Exonians, as well as students from other colleges. His recent publications include The Origins of the English Parliament, 924-1327 (on which subject he gave the University’s prestigious Ford Lectures in 2004) and, more recently, Founders and Fellowship: The Early History of Exeter College, Oxford, 1314-1592 to coincide with the College’s 700th anniversary in 2014.
We are very grateful to all those alumni whose generosity has made the naming of this room possible and we look forward to planning, with Dr Maddicott, a formal opening of his teaching room in the 2016-17 academic year.

Dr Maddicott inspects what will be the Maddicott Room in Cohen Quad

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