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June 2024

Dear Offer-Holder,

To prepare you for your arrival in October, this is the first of a set of newsletters that I will be sending out over the summer which will contain useful information that you’ll need to familiarise yourself with. It is therefore important that you get into the habit of checking your emails frequently as to not miss any communications from us. This is an expectation of all of our students, both incoming and current, so you’ll see that the first item on the task list below is to update your email to one that you will continue to have access to.

Click the headings below to read more information about the tasks you need to complete. As some of the tabs may not be relevant to your circumstances, I have marked the items that apply to all offer-holders in *asterisks*. Please complete the tasks on the to-do list as a priority as completing them in good time will allow us to make your transition to university as smooth as possible.

With one week to go until the end of Trinity term here, we begin the countdown to the start of your time with us in Oxford, and the plans for your Freshers’ Week of inductions are coming together in anticipation. No doubt you are starting to have lots of questions as your minds turn to this exciting new chapter, and I am hopeful that this newsletter will answer some of those – particularly on accommodation and what to expect over the next few months.

For those of you taking your final exams over the coming weeks, I wish you the best of luck!

Verity Skirrow
Admissions Officer
Exeter College

Tasks for you to complete

Spotlight: Accommodation

To answer all of your Accommodation questions, we have put them to our very own Accommodation Manager, Mihaela Groza!

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Double-Set Grade C

Double-Set Grade C

Grade D/E

Grade D/E


Images above represent only a selection of different rooms across each grade.



“What is your favourite thing about Exeter College?”
One of my favourite things about Exeter College is the people, both students and staff!

“When do accommodation options get sent out?”
These will be sent out to all incoming students on the 15th of August.

“How do rooms get allocated?”
As part of your welcome pack you’ll receive access to an arrivals survey through which you can rank three room grade choices in order of preference. We try to get applicants into one of their higher-ranked room type preferences, but note that this will not be possible in many cases due to the popularity of room type and number of applicants therefore allocation will be on a first-come-first-served basis based on the submission of the arrivals survey. All applicants will be given their room type upon arrival, and students should not expect to receive information about their allocated rooms prior to this.

“What’s included in my room?”
Each room comes with: a single bed, bed-side cabinet, desk, desk chair, coffee table, armchair, wardrobe, and wash hand basin. Note that bedding is not included.

“Are they shared rooms or shared bathrooms?”
Mainly shared bathrooms. Our shared double-sets come with two individual single bedrooms, one shared study space, and a shared toilet/shower room.

“What is the cost of accommodation?”
The lowest rate (Grade E) for 2024-2025 will be £28.58/day with the highest rate (Grade A) being £32.63/day.

“Do I have to live on-site?”
All first-year undergraduates live on the College’s historic Turl Street site. In subsequent years, students choose between continuing to live on Turl Street, in Cohen Quad, sharing College-owned houses (called Friendship Houses), or living out in privately rented accommodation. The rooms for subsequent years go into a Housing Ballot.

“Can I stay in College for the whole degree?”
The College guarantees its students three years of accommodation. Students on four-year courses may be able to be accommodated for a fourth year, subject to availability.

“How do I eat on-site?”
In Turl Street there is the JCR Kitchen where you can cook your own food, or you have the option to eat meals in the Dining Hall or at Dakota Café in Cohen Quad. More information including menus and prices can be found on the Exeter College website here.

“Do I need to leave my room over Vacations and are there storage facilities available?”
Junior Members who need to be in Oxford for longer than the standard rent period for their room can apply for Vacation Residence and application forms for this are circulated by email in advance of each vacation. Undergraduates who are granted Vacation Residence may have to move rooms for the duration as many rooms are booked out to host candidates attending interviews or conference guests. This is to raise money that then subsidises term-time student rents. Where it is not possible to offer Vacation Residence at Turl Street or Cohen Quad, alternative College accommodation will normally be offered in East Oxford on Iffley Road. Vacation Residence outside the standard rent period is charged per day at the daily rate. If Junior Members do not need to stay in Oxford over vacations, they need to vacate their rooms at the end of each term. Only international students will be allowed to leave up to four cartons each in our storage room.

“Can you accommodate medical requirements?”
In order to accommodate medical requests, students will need to be registered with the Disability Advisory Office.

“Can I bring in electrical items?”
Only kettles and a toaster are allowed in student rooms, as long as they are located on a metal tray. These metal trays are to be supplied by each student. Toasters should be cleaned out regularly to avoid the build-up of bread waste as they can ignite, causing a fire. No other cooking appliances are allowed in rooms.

Refrigerators can be brought in but express permission needs to be given and it is usually only granted for medical reasons (such as the storage of medication). Once permission is granted, you must ensure to remove the fridge at the end of the academic year, as we do not have space to store fridges.

Extension leads should not be used as they also have the potential to cause an electrical short and are a potential fire hazard. Similarly, all electrical items will need to be PAT tested although this is arranged during your Freshers’ Week.

No irons should be used in student rooms and if one is required, you can find it in the laundry room in the basement of Staircase 10.

The Ambassador Platform


I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic resource that is our Ambassador Platform which connects you with one of our current Student Ambassadors who will answer many of your questions about life at Exeter and in Oxford.

Click here to chat with current Exeter students

Please be aware that the chats are monitored. See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further information.

student studying on a laptop outdoors

What Happens Next?

Frequently Asked Questions

“Where can I find out more information about life at College?”
As well as The Ambassador Platform, the College Student Handbook also known as ‘The Green Guide’ is an invaluable source of information. It will be updated for the new academic year the current version can be found on the website here.

The @exeterjcr Instagram also often hosts take-overs which follow the day-to-day lives of its members.

“I’ve met the terms of my offer but my UCAS hasn’t changed to Unconditional?”
If you have already met the academic requirements of your Offer, and you’ve sent us proof of your certification, then our next step is to upload your documentation to UCAS and confirm that you’ve met the academic terms which is something we will be commencing shortly.

“What is the teaching schedule/work load like?”
This varies greatly between courses and departments, the best thing to do is to use the Ambassador Platform to speak to one of our current students.

“I’m planning on arriving early, can I store my luggage?”
Whilst there is no storage facility for you to store luggage in advance of your arrival, there is a possibility that there may be rooms available for you to move in early. Should there be any availability, you will be contacted by our Accommodation Manager in September. Each request will be prioritised based on individual circumstances.


These are some of our most commonly asked questions, either that you’ve sent in or that have been asked by students before you. If you have a question that isn’t listed feel free to ask it using this form.