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Lunch – Hilary Term 2023 – Week 2

Hall – Friday 27th January

  • Bacon steak with fried egg
  • Baked lentil pie (VE, halal)
  • Chips (VE, halal)
  • Sweetcorn (VE, halal)
  • Baked potato (VE, halal)
  • Pasta of the day (V, halal)
  • Pie of the day
  • Selection of salads

Undercroft Baguette Bar

Baguettes to order

  • Egg mayo (V, halal)
  • Roast veg  & hummus (VE, halal)
  • Chicken & bacon
  • Crayfish mayo
  • Cheese (V, halal)

Soup of the Day

Pork sausage roll

Dakota Café (Cohen Quad)


  • Triple cheese toastie with tomato chutney (V, halal)
  • Smashed avocado with beets and chickpeas (VE, halal)
  • Vegan mozzarella and pesto (VE, halal) – Monday only
  • Tandoori chicken with mango chutney (halal) – Tuesday-Friday only
  • Sweet chilli prawns (halal) – Tuesday-Friday only

Soup of the Day

  • Monday – spiced chickpea (VE, halal)
  • Tuesday – Tuscan bean (VE, halal)
  • Wednesday – spiced parsnip and apple (VE, halal)
  • Thursday – tortilla (VE, halal)
  • Friday – corn chowder (V, halal)

Dish of the Day

  • Monday – Shakshuka (V, halal)/spiced vegan meatballs (VE) with bread and cous cous
  • Tuesday – chicken cacciatore with orzo (halal)/baked tomato with orzo (VE, halal)
  • Wednesday – beef and Guinness pie/root vegetable hot pot (VE, halal) with veg and fries
  • Thursday – DIY burrito (inc. VE and halal)
  • Friday – scampi/spicy cauliflower bites (VE, halal) with peas and fries


  • Mixed Leaves
  • Selection of salads (V & VEGAN)

 Please note that menu items may be subject to change or availability

 Please see menus on the day or ask a member of catering staff for detailed allergen information