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Exeter College Library Black Lives Matter book collection

Part of the book collection

Exeter College has established a new collection within the College Library, to provoke discussion and awareness of the importance of Black lives, and of racial inequality and injustice, within the higher education setting and in the wider world. Topics include philosophy of race, black writing, feminism, black history, diversity in higher education, policing, activism, understanding racism and anti-racism, and accounts of the lived experience of black people.

Books added to the collection so far include:

Adegoke, Yomi. Loud black girls: 20 black women writers ask: what’s next? London, 2020. [QKR 11L]

Adi, Hakim (editor). Black British history: new perspectives. London, 2019. [RLI 13b]

Akala. Natives: race & class in the ruins of Empire. London, 2019. [QKR 48n]

Alexander, Michelle. The new Jim Crow: mass incarceration in the age of colourblindness. New York, 2019. [RAG 13n]

Als, Hilton. White girls. London, 2014. [QKR 12w]

Appiah, K. Anthony. Color conscious: the political morality of race. Princeton, NJ, 1996. [QKR 13c]

Applebaum, Barbara. Being white, being good: white complicity, white moral responsibility, and social justice pedagogy. Lanham, Md., 2011. [QKR 13b]

Baldwin, James. The fire next time. London, 2017. [QKR 15f]

Baldwin, James. Go tell it on the mountain. London, 2001. [YLNB 15g]

Baldwin, James. Nobody knows my name.  London, 1991. [QKR 15n]

Baldwin, James. Notes of a native son. London, 2017. [QKR 15s]

Bhopal, Kalwant. White privilege: the myth of a post-racial society. Bristol, 2018. [QKR 16w]

Channing Brown, Austin. I’m still here: black dignity in a world made for whiteness. London, 2020. [RAG 23I]

Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the world and me. Melbourne, 2015. [QKR 24b]

Cooper, Brittney. Eloquent rage: a black feminist discovers her superpower. New York, 2018. [QW 24e]

Cousins, Susan. Overcoming everyday racism: building resilience and wellbeing in the face of discrimination and microaggressions. London, 2019. [QKR 24e]

Dabiri, Emma. Don’t touch my hair. London, 2019. [QKR 26d]

Dabydeen, David. The Oxford companion to Black British history. Oxford, 2007. [RLI 26b]

Davis, Angela Y. Freedom is a constant struggle. Chicago, 2016. [RAG 26f]

Davis, Angela. Policing the black man. New York, 2018. [RAG 26p]

Diangelo, Robin. White fragility: why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism. London, 2018. [QKR 27w]

Eddo-Lodge, Reni. Why I’m no longer talking about race. London, 2018. [QKR 29w]

Ellams, Inua. Barber shop chronicles. London, 2017 [YJD 29b]

Evaristo, Bernardine. Girl, woman, other. London, 2019. [YIM 31g]

gal-dem. “I will not be erased”: our stories about growing up as people of colour. London, 2019. [QKR 35i]

Gerzina, Gretchen Holbrook. Black Victorians/Black Victoriana. London, 2003. [MUH 36b]

Gerzina, Gretchen Holbrook. Britain’s black past. Liverpool, 2020. [RLI 36b]

Gerzina, Gretchen Holbrook. Mr. and Mrs. Prince: how an extraordinary eighteenth-century family moved out of slavery and into legend. New York, 2009. [NDH 36m]

Gilroy, Paul. After Empire: melancholia or convivial culture? Abingdon, 2004. [QKR 37a]

Gilroy, Paul. There ain’t no black in the Union Jack: the cultural politics of race and nation. London, 1987. [RLI 36t]

Glasgow, Joshua. A theory of race. New York, 2009. [AJE 37t]

Hammond Perry, Kennetta. London is the place for me: black Britons, citizenship, and the politics of race. Oxford, 2015. [RLI 64L]

Harris-Perry, Melissa V. Sister Citizen: shame, stereotypes, and black women in America. London, 2011. [QWF 39s]

Henry, Paget. Caliban’s reason: introducing Afro-Caribbean philosophy. London, 2000. [QKR 41c]

Himes, Chester. A rage in Harlem. London, 2011. [YNT 41r]

Hirsch, Afua. Brit(ish): on race, identity and belonging. London, 2018. [QKR 41b]

Hooks, Bell. Ain’t I a woman: black women and feminism. London, 1982. [QWF 39a]

Jana, Tiffany. Subtle acts of exclusion: how to understand, identify, and stop microaggressions. Oakland, CA., 2020. [QKR 45s]

Kaufmann, Miranda. Black Tudors: the untold story. London, 2017. [MVL 48b]

Khan-Cullors, Patrisse. When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir. London, 2019. [RAG 48w]

King, Desmond. Separate and unequal: African Americans and the US Federal Government. Oxford, 2007 [RAG 48s]

Kwakye, Chelsea. Taking up space: the black girl’s manifesto for change. London, 2019. [QKR 49t]

Lorde, Audrey. Sister outsider. London, 2007. [QKR 52s]

Lowery, Wesley. “They can’t kill us all”: the story of Black Lives Matter. London, 2017. [RAG 52t]

McClendon, John H. Black Christology and the quest for authenticity: a philosophical appraisal. [QKR 54b]

McGettigan, Timothy. A formula for eradicating racism: debunking white supremacy. London, 2016. [QKR 54f]

Malcolm X. The autobiography of Malcolm X. London, 2001. [RAG 95a]

Mills, Charles W. Black rights/white wrongs: the critique of radical liberalism. Oxford, 2017. [NI 55b]

Muhammad, Khalil Gibran. The condemnation of blackness: race, crime, and the making of modern urban America. London, 2011. [RAG 58c]

Mills, Charles W. Blackness visible: essays on philosophy and race. New York, 1998. [QKR 55b]

Obama, Michelle. Becoming. New York, 2018. [QW 61b]

Oluo, Ijeoma. So you want to talk about race. New York, 2019. [QKR 62s]

Procter, James. Writing Black Britain 1948-1998. Machester, 2000 [YGN 66w]

Ransby, Barbara. Making all black lives matter: reimagining freedom in the 21st century. Oakland, CA, 2018. [RAG 70m]

Rankine, Claudia. Citizen: an American lyric. London, 2015 [QKR 70c]

Rattansi, Ali. Racism: a very short introduction. Oxford, 2020. [QKR 70r]

Roberts, Pamela. Black Oxford: the untold stories of Oxford University’s black scholars. Oxford, 2013. [ZBA 71b]

Rothstein, Richard. The color of law: a forgotten history of how our government segregated America. New York, 2017. [NI 71c]

Saad, Layla F. Me and white supremacy: how to recognise your privilege, combat racism and change the world. London, 2020. [QKR 73m]

Saini, Angela, Superior: the return of race science. London, 2019. [QKR 73s]

Sarpong, June. Diversify. London, 2019. [QKR 73d]

Shilliam, Robbie. Race and the undeserving poor: from Abolition to Brexit. London, 2018. [QKR 74r]

Shukla, Nilesh (editor). The good immigrant. London, 2016. [RLI 75g]

Solomon, Akiba. How we fight white supremacy: a field guide to black resistance. New York, 2019. [RAG 77h]

Solomos, John. Race and racism in Britain. London, 2003. [QKR 78r]

Stoler, Ann Laura. Duress: imperial durabilities in our times. London, 2016. [RAW 81d]

Thomas, Angie. The hate you give. London, 2017. [YLNM 84h]

Threadcraft, Shatema. Intimate justice: the black female body and the body politic. Oxford, 2016. [QW 84i]

Vitale, Alex S. The end of policing. London, 2018. [RPP 89e]

West, Cornel. Race matters. Boston, Mass., 2017. [QKR 92s]

Young, James O. The ethics of cultural appropriation. Oxford, 2012. [QKR 96e]

Zack, Naomi. The ethics and mores of race: equality after the history of philosophy. London, 2011. [QKR 98e]

Zack, Naomi (editor). Race/sex: their sameness, difference and interplay. London, 1997. [QKR 98r]