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Your Bod Card

Information about your University Card

The University of Oxford issues a personalised identity card to all students within the University, known as your “Bod card”. This card serves a number of functions, including identifying yourself as a student, providing access to some secure rooms or buildings, a cashless payment system, borrowing library books, and enabling use of facilities such as photocopiers and laundry machines.

You should always carry your Bod card with you as it may be needed to prove you are an Exeter College student. You must not lend your Bod card to anyone.

Making payments with your Bod card: Upay

Upay is a secure cashless system which allows the user to top up their Bod card and pay for food and other items with that card.

Your card will come with some credit pre-applied to help your first week at Exeter College go smoothly. This will be collected subsequently through your battels account. You can add further credit to your Bod card via the Upay website or using cash on the Turl Street site at the Porters’ Lodge (9.00am – 6.00pm) and in the Undercroft Bar (6.00pm – 11.00pm). Bod cards are presented at the point of sale and the cashless account is debited accordingly.

Visit the Formal Hall page for more information about paying for formal dinner (second hall) with your Bod card.

If you experience any issues with your Upay account please contact the Catering Services Manager in the first instance.

Using your card for security access

Across Exeter College’s premises there are a number of security controlled doors. If your card does not let you open a door that you believe you have permission to enter, you should go to the Porters’ Lodge and ask them to check which areas you are allowed to access. The Head Porter will then make any necessary changes.

If your card consistently fails to work take the card to the Porters’ Lodge. They will test your card and issue you with a temporary replacement if your card is faulty. Your temporary card will not let you gain access to any sites outside of Exeter College. To order a new Bod card contact the Academic Office (see below).

Lost, stolen or damaged cards

If your Bod card is lost, stolen or damaged it is essential that you inform the Porters’ Lodge immediately. The Porters will place a block on the security system so that your card cannot be used at Exeter College sites by unauthorised people. The Porters can then issue you with a temporary replacement card.

You should also report the lost, stolen or damaged card to the Academic Office. You can contact the Academic Office by email or by telephone (01865 279665). A member of the Academic Office staff will be able to order you a new Bod card. Replacement cards are normally issued within two working days. It is essential that you return your temporary card when your replacement Bod card arrives, which you can collect from the Academic Office during office hours.

There is no charge for damaged cards or for stolen cards, provided you notify the Academic Office of the Police Crime Number. If you lose your card a £15 replacement fee applies; you can pay for a replacement University Card online.

If a lost or stolen card is found after a new one has been ordered, it must be returned to the Academic Office as it will no longer be valid. Any unused money you have stored on your card (via Upay) will be credited to your new card when it is issued.

Extending the expiry date of your Bod card

The card has an expiry date in the bottom left-hand corner. If you need to extend the expiry date you must order a new card from the Academic Office. You must hand over the old card upon delivery of your new card.