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Exeter College Summer Programme: Assessment, Credit and Course Load

Academic Package

Small class sizes, discussion-based learning and opportunities to work closely with teaching Faculty are defining features of an Oxford undergraduate education. To replicate Oxford’s tutorial model and to ensure you get personalised, expert guidance in your chosen subjects, course enrolment is capped.

Lecture courses will be academically rigorous and intellectually challenging but accessible. Faculty will be drawn from Exeter College, Oxford University and from other distinguished Universities.

The range of lectures offered in the arts and humanities, social science, maths, science, and engineering reflects the array of academic expertise in Oxford and has been designed to allow you to work both towards your home University degree requirements and to try something new. On offer are 12 exciting lecture courses across a variety of academic disciplines and you will study 2 lecture courses over the summer. On application, you will be asked to select your two lecture courses.

Or, you may decide to substitute a lecture course to undertake research work 1-to-1 with an expert in Oxford on a subject of your choosing in our Individual Research Tutorial (IRT)

In addition, there will be a series of evening plenary lectures given by eminent figures which, in previous years, has included Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Professor Catherine Green OBE, Professor Margaret McMillan, Lord Mendoza, Sir Richard Shirreff, Lord Macdonald and Professor Frank Close.

Time Table and Workload

Classes will run Monday-Friday. You can expect to have c.10hrs of contact teaching per week and to spend time reading and preparing for your lectures, seminars and tutorials in advance. There will be time in week 6 for exam revision and writing up research essays. Generally, weekends will be free for you to travel independently or catch up on your academic work.

Assessment and Academic Credit

Students who successfully complete the Programme will receive a transcript showing two grades, one for each course, expressed as a grade-% and a letter equivalent, together with grading guidance notes. Your final lecture course grades will comprise:

(1) Written Exams. One 3hr exam per lecture course.
(2) Research Essay. One 3,000-word essay per lecture course.
(3) Participation and Attendance.

You must successfully complete each of these three elements in order to pass your courses.

While lecture courses have been designed to be credit-bearing and we will assist you to transfer credit home, Exeter College does not operate a credit system and ultimately the calculation of credit will be decided by your home University. As a guide, courses usually receive 3-4 US credits or 7.5 ECTS credits.

Library Access

All ECSP students will have 24/7 access to the College Library. Students undertaking IRT’s will also have access to the Bodleian Libraries, a collection of 28 libraries that serve the University of Oxford.

The libraries are recognised for both their collections of books and manuscripts and for their buildings, some of which have remained in continuous use since the Middle Ages.