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4pm - 17.10.2023
12pm - 30.06.2024
Mark Sinfield -

Exeter College proposes to appoint distinguished scholars or other distinguished individuals to (non-stipendiary) Visiting Fellowships. The Fellowships are primarily intended for scholars who are on sabbatical or research leave from an academic institution outside Oxford (i.e. who are already provided with financial support as a result of being employed by that institution), but who will be spending between one and three terms of the academic year 2024-25 in Oxford undertaking research.

The College also welcomes applications from other distinguished individuals who intend to engage in academic activities in Oxford lasting one to three terms.

There is no stipend attached to these appointments as the Fellowships offer an association to the College, not employment. However, Visiting Fellows will be members of the Senior Common Room and entitled to free lunch and dinner at the Common Table on the same terms as other Fellows.

For more information, including details of how to apply, please download a copy of the Further Particulars.

There is no set closing date for applications. Instead, the Fellowships Committee will regularly review applications, as they are received, and will make recommendations to the Governing Body accordingly.