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The College has a long tradition of academic excellence, dating back to its founding in 1314, with figures such as Charles Lyell, a pioneering geologist, studying at the college. Today the college continues to uphold its reputation for academic excellence, with students performing well in University exams, and Fellows publishing books and articles in academic journals regularly. Exeter Fellows, many of whom also teach undergraduates, can also be heard on radio and television discussing their work.

The facilities for teaching and research at Exeter are excellent: including a lecture theatre and an auditorium, as well as smaller teaching rooms. Moreover, a collaborative environment is fostered by shared spaces – such as the new ‘Learning Commons’ at Cohen Quad, and events – such as the programme of Rector’s Seminars, which are open to all members of the college, and Subject Family Dinners. These create the conditions for the cross-pollination of knowledge, experience and ideas amongst scholars.