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College Governance, Finance, and Policies


The Rector and Scholars of Exeter College in the University of Oxford, commonly known as Exeter College, is an eleemosynary charitable corporation aggregate. It was founded in 1314 by Walter de Stapeldon, Bishop of Exeter, and was enlarged by Sir William Petre under a charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1566. The corporation comprises the Rector and Fellows. The College is registered with the Charities Commission, registration number 1141333.

Exeter College, like all the colleges of the University of Oxford, is an autonomous self-governing institution. The Governing Body of the College comprises the Rector and Fellows. This body is constituted and regulated in accordance with the College Statutes, the terms of which are enforceable ultimately by the Visitor, the Bishop of Exeter for the time being. The Governing Body holds to itself the responsibilities for the ongoing strategic direction of the College, for its administration and for the management of its finances and assets. It meets regularly under the chairmanship of the Rector and is advised by a range of committees. The members of the Governing Body are Trustees of the charity.

The College also has a number of committees, including the Finance and General Purpose Committee, Education, Research & Welfare Committee, Development Committee and Cases Committee. The membership of these committees is comprised of Fellows of the College and other senior members of the administrative staff. These committees each focus on specific areas and make recommendations to the Governing Body to inform its decision-making.

The College has a number of policies, procedures and regulations to guide it; you can access them here.

The financial statements of the College can be accessed here and can also be found on the Charities Commission website.

Freedom of Information

Exeter College recognises the need for transparency and takes seriously its responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. As a public body, the College is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and provides a Publication Scheme the purpose of which is to give a clear indication of which College publications are routinely accessible. This is to ensure that the public can be informed as far as is reasonably possible of the purpose and nature of College activities and to assist in developing a greater culture of openness in general.

Please direct all Freedom of Information requests and queries to the dedicated email address: or, alternatively, please write to the College (Exeter College, Oxford, OX1 3DP) and mark your envelope clearly with ‘Freedom of Information’.

College Governance


Health and Safety

Information Security Policies

GDPR/Data Privacy Policies

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation/new Data Protection Act 2018, Exeter College has updated their Privacy Notice and policies.  Please refer to the links below for further information:


Register of Processing Activities (ROPA)

Accommodation Code of Practice (ACoP)