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What do you love about working at Exeter?

We asked current staff to tell us about their time working at Exeter College

Evie, Schools Liaison Officer

Working at Exeter, with the college staff and student ambassadors, is rewarding and varied. I have met so many people that inspire me, and it’s nice to feel part of a team.

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Andrew, Deputy Academic Registrar

I have really enjoyed my whole time here – I work with some amazing people, and it is great to help the students to achieve their potential, especially when you know some of the difficulties that they have faced.

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Hughie, Operations Manager

I love working at Exeter and enjoying being in a lively workplace often not knowing what will be the next challenge around the corner! I have not only had the opportunity to progress in my career but also, I have been lucky enough to make great friendships along the way.

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Liv, Fundraising Officer

I love working in such a historic place, leaving work and seeing the Chapel lit up feels magical. To then go through the Broad Street gate with your giant key feels like something out of a story book and definitely lifts the average working day.

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