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Undergraduate Accommodation

Undergraduate students are guaranteed three years’ accommodation in Exeter College rooms in Oxford. Students on four-year courses may be able to be accommodated for a fourth year, subject to availability.

Turl Street Site

All first year undergraduates live in Exeter’s historic Turl Street site at the heart of the city centre. This is a beautiful location, and due to its proximity to students’ tutorials, lectures and city centre amenities, highly convenient. In addition, the 24-hour College Library is close to hand, and for socialising and relaxing, undergraduates can go to the Junior Common Room (JCR). The Turl Street site is also home to the college bar, Hall and the JCR kitchen. For more information about the food and drink available please visit the catering page.

A map of Exeter College’s Turl Street site


All rooms in college have an Internet network connection, ensuring fast and free internet access. Every room is looked after by a ‘scout’ (member of domestic staff) to make sure that it remains clean and habitable through the term; and the friendliness and familiar faces of these members of staff make a tremendous contribution to the College’s cheerful atmosphere. In addition, the Turl Street site includes a laundry room for students to use.

Freshers are asked about their room preferences and then assigned a room before they arrive in Oxford. The rooms available in college vary enormously: from 17th century rooms in the oldest parts of the college to modern rooms built in the 21st century, with all offering a good standard of accommodation. All undergraduate first year students live at the historic Turl St site. The majority of rooms on Turl Street (and all rooms on the College’s other sites) are individual study bedrooms with a sink or en-suite shower room. There are also a small number of traditional Oxford style ‘double sets’ on the Turl Street site where two students have bedrooms off a shared sitting room, replicating the experience of sharing a small flat.

A study bedroom on the Turl Street site

A small study bedroom on the Turl Street site

Large en-suite study bedroom on the Turl Street site

A double set room on the Turl Street site

An en-suite bedroom at Cohen Quad

After the First Year

Students in later years can choose to continue living on Turl Street (as about half of current students do), or live in the College’s new Cohen Quad just a few minutes’ walk from Turl Street in Jericho, a fashionable part of Oxford. Exeter also owns four houses in vibrant East Oxford, which students can live in with their friends. These provide an excellent opportunity for students to experience life ‘living out’ of the main college site while still living in college owned and maintained accommodation.

College-owned rooms for students in later years are allocated using a ballot system.

Lastly, there are a limited number of rooms available for Exeter students who wish to live with visiting students from Williams College in their accommodation. Also, students can, if they wish choose to, ‘live out’ in privately rented accommodation and some who do this find it to be a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable experience. All the College’s central facilities remain available to students who choose to live out, though facilities charges (incorporated in rent for those who live in Exeter College rooms) may be chargeable to those who live out.

For more information, please visit the student accommodation page.

Key Information Sets (KIS)

The Key Information Sets provides information about the cost of board and lodging at Exeter College. To find out more click here.